Kelda Lakeland Terrier Puppies

two kelda puppies one 7 weeks one 8 weeks
2 weeks old
Six Kelda Lakeland terrier puppies at 7 days old. The lighter puppy's colouring is called "liver & tan", Lakelands of this colouring are fairly rare as both parents have to have liver & tan colouring in their genes
3 red puppies and 2 black & tan
cat lecturing puppies
attentive pupils
race you!
"shall we do it this way?"
I'm cute!
one black & tan and one red puppy
Fudge the cat says "so which are my kittens!"
well can you spot the difference?
One of our Lakelands just after having won best puppy, also overall best in show and Asenath won best young handler
Another Kelda lakeland her specialties are: going for car rides and playing in water and being a special companion for a 4 year old boy.
A Kelda puppy now living in Cornwall, UK